Wharfedale XO 204 Analogue Active Crossover

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    Wharfedale XO-204 Analogue Active Crossover
    The XO-204 is a 2 way stereo analogue active crossover that allows for the most simple and safe setup of a bi-amplified system.
    The crossover frequency is sweepable from 60Hz to 1KHz providing an ideal frequency split suitable for feeding subs and full range units with discrete bandwidths right out of the box. If you wish to use the XO-204 to split the programme material in a manner that is suitable to feed the mid and high drivers in a bi-amp compatible full range unit the X10 switch conveniently raises the crossover frequency to allow for this.
    Emphasis has been placed on the safety of your rig with a switchable 40Hz 12dB/octave HPF to increase headroom and independent switchable soft limiting on each of the bands to protect your amp and speakers.
    To help fine tune the setup of your system there are mute switches for each of the bands and also independent polarity switching.
    The XO-204 active crossover has independent output level control ranging from -infinity to +6dB, to assist you there are LED output meters and a simple input clip LED.
    All inputs and outputs are on balanced TRS jacks and there is the inclusion of a mono summed LF output for using a mono subwoofer in a stereo situation. The XO-204 comes in a 1U 19” rackmount chassis and accepts mains power via an IEC connector.
    Power Supply
    ·         Operating Voltage: 100VAC 50/60Hz, 120VAC 60Hz
    ·         Power Consumption: 230VAC 50/60Hz
    ·         Mains Connection: 12W
    ·         Connectors: ¼” TRS (pin 2 hot)
    ·         Input impedance: Balanced 20k ohm, Unbalanced 10k ohm
    ·         Max Input Level: +20dBu balanced or unbalanced
    ·         Output Impedance: Balanced 50ohm, Unbalanced 100ohm
    ·         Max Output Level: +21dBu
    ·         Subwoofer Output: ¼” TRS (pin 2 hot)
    System Performanc
    ·         Frequency Response: <10Hz to >40Hz, +2/-3dB
    ·         Signal to Noise: 90 dB
    ·         THD + Noise: <0.004%
    ·         Interchannel Crosstalk: <-80dB, 20Hz to 20kHz
    ·         Frequency Range: 60Hz – 10kHz
    ·         Hum and Noise: -95dB
    Dimension & Weight
    ·         Dimension: 482 x 250 x 46mm
    ·         Weight: 2.92kg
    Key Features
    ·         Simplified one control setup for both channels
    ·         Professional 24dB / oct, Linkwitz Reilly filters
    ·         Switchable 40Hz 12dB / oct HPF
    ·         Four LED output level meters plus input clip indicator
    ·         Independent polarity switching of outputs
    ·         Output mute switches with LED indicator
    ·         Individual output level controls range form –inf dB to +6dB
    ·         Mono Sum LF output
    ·         Input gain variable between –inf and +6dB
    ·         Balanced TRS Jack Inputs and Outputs
    ·         1U, 19” Rack mount chassis
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